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The Cat Lady Club

I appreciate your interest in my NFT project, "The Cat Lady Club."

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Phase 1 of the project consists of 100 generative cats ready for minting on Async Art as a Blueprint.

Why cats, you ask? They were a big part of my artistic journey and allowed me to bring my story as an artist full circle from 2017 to 2022. I am an "accidental artist" who suddenly received art abilities in 2017 and co-wrote a book about my art gift and that "manic moment" that arrived like a lightning strike and changed my life forever.


 My art began with a series of cartoonish vector cats and has evolved from those cats to fractal art to 3D work, generative art, and using all kinds of digital art technology. My art ability continues to evolve.



The two legendary editions in this collection take my art journey back to 2017. These 100 editions will serve as a VIP pass to join on my journey and experience some exciting chats, AMA, special DISCORD channels, and learning experiences. You will be privy to news as the story develops through art exhibits, book-sharing opportunities, and the potential for more film work.


It will provide an opportunity for community building, the chance to meet up virtually for chats, and the potential for artistic collaboration.

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Discord Link  - COMING SOON!

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