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Our Children's Book!

Want to read a book that shares how a positive attitude,  gumption, and bravery can trump life’s obstacles?

SuperCat! Splat! Splat! is a picture story book for little readers and toddlers, based on the true adult story told in the award-winning memoir/art book Soldier, Sister, Savant (2021, Pen Women Press


Splat! Splat! teaches children who read—or who are read to—that we can make happiness for ourselves, even though bad things may happen to us along life’s way; that life—and we—do not have to be perfect; but, rather, that every single one of us is special, no matter; and, importantly, that kindness and bravery can conquer fear.


What’s more is that Splat! Splat! interacts with those being read to or reading themselves and invites them to respond with their own thoughts and feelings throughout the book written by Wilma Davidson, Ed.D. and illustrated, with the help of AI, by award-winning digital artist, the neurodivergent, acquired savant and veteran, Diana de Avila., M.S. in Education, whose artistic gift arrived magically and suddenly in 2017 after an exacerbation of a previous spinal-chord injury and Multiple Sclerosis.


While the marketplace is full of children’s books whose words and illustrations not merely entertain, but teach, and invite children to participate, our book, illustrated by a digital artist who herself is neurodivergent, allows a first-hand look at the power of acceptance, gratitude, and never giving up.


Our story deals with successfully accepting life’s challenges. A  warm, educational, and memorable book for a young audience, it contributes to the growing list of books by those with special conditions themselves who write/illustrate them. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed taking digital artist Diana de Avila’s rare life experience and turning it into a children’s picture book!

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