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About the Authors


Take one writer, add one artist and what do you get? A steadfast friendship of two professionals. They share the enlightening tale of one of them, whose life has been anything but ordinary. You get Soldier, Sister, Savant.

This is the story of Diana de Avila, a retired vet and entrepreneur, who, in 2017, suddenly discovered an art ability she never had before. One of very few individuals in the world, especially females, to come upon this “accidental genius”, she has been described as having Acquired Savant Syndrome.

Wilma Davidson, a corporate communications coach and fomer faculty member at USF, has chronicled Diana’s life into a compelling story. And Diana has shared some of the over 1000 pieces of digital fine art she has created since the arrival of her “gift.” In Soldier, Sister, Savant you’ll find both her art and heart.

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