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The Cover Art

13 Thousand Quadratic Bezier Curves is a piece of fractal art that was deconstructed and then reconstructed using Quadratic Bezier curves. A Quadratic Bezier Curve is a point-to-point linear interpolation of two Linear Bezier Curves. So, instead of having two points, it uses three (P1, P2 and P3) which allows it to be more "bendy" and make computer graphics appear smoother.  Add one more bit of interpolation and four points, and the Bezier curve is called a Cubic Bezier Curve.


The piece below which started as a complex rendered fractal was then recreated through another process using just over 13,000 of those three-pointed bendy lines. The fractal is beautiful in and of itself, but the reconstruction of the piece using Beziers with 3 points made it totally unique. Such is my process.  This piece is colorful and a direct result of a synesthetic vision.

I felt it was a beautiful piece to represent the cover of our book.


13 Thousand Quadratic Bezier Curves

Honorable Mention - OPEN SEASON: A National Juried Exhibition

Art Center Sarasota

The piece is available for purchase on plexiglass / HD Acrylic. 

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